CNN: Schools Do Battle With SoBig, But What About Mac-Based Schools?

Viruses and Patches and worms! Oh my!

The latest rash of worm and viruses have not only affected corporations and home desktops, the SoBig worm is burrowing into colleges and echoes of Blaster can be heard in the hallowed halls of universities across the nation; itis not a pretty sight. A recent CNN article offers some insight into what students are facing as they return to the classroom. From the article, Colleges Respond to Waves of Internet Infections:

Students returning to classes are finding themselves summarily unplugged if their computers are infected. Oberlin College in Ohio is threatening to fine students $25 for inadvertently spreading a virus.

"When youire drowning you try to do something quick," said John Bucher, Oberlinis director of information technology. "Weire really stressed by this whole thing." Bucher said the network suffered "near meltdown" on August 21, when the first returning students arrived on campus with badly infected computers.

Back-to-back waves of devastating infections that spread quickly across the Internet during August crippled some college and high school networks just before the start of the fall semester. The attacks overwhelmed many technology departments already starved for employees and money.

The full article goes on to relate how some colleges are attempting to handle the infections, and we found it to be an interesting read.