C|Net: Apache Is Top Dog Amoung Web Servers

Hereis a bit of interesting news: The most popular Web server software used on the Internet is not from Microsoft. In fact, the number of Microsoft Web servers amount to a distant second behind the ubiquitous freeware server, Apache, or so it says in an article titled Apache zooms away from Microsoftis Web server posted by C|Net. Hereis a bit of the article:

Netcraft, a U.K. Web services company, found that the number of sites that use Apache to send out Web pages rose from about 22 million sites (out of a total of about 35 million) in January 2003 to about 31 million (out of about 46 million) in January 2004--an increase of about 40 percent. In the same period, IIS remained roughly flat, declining from 9,739,069 to 9,675,504.

Apacheis market share grew from about 62 percent to about 67 percent, while that of IIS dropped from 27 percent to 21 percent.

The figures represent a consistent trend, according to Netcraft director Mike Prettejohn, who said Apache has grown more quickly than its competitors for several years.

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