C|Net Gives High Marks To New iPod Accessories, iTunes

C|Net has posted a review looking at Appleis recent announcements, such as the updated iPod and its Belkin-made accessories, and iTunes for Windows. The review gives high marks to all, saying that even iPod-less Windows users should give iTunes a try. From C|Net:

Steve Jobsis press conference this morning began with the haunting sound of the late Johnny Cash singing the Beatlesi "In My Life"--ironic, considering that the band refuses to license its songs to Apple or any other online music service. By the time Jobs had finished talking, it seemed to us like the Beatles had made a big mistake in turning its back on the digital-music revolution. The new Apple iTunes Music Store, which now looks, feels, and functions the same on the Mac and Windows platforms, has set the new standard for online music delivery and jukebox functionality.


As for iTunes, the biggest news is that the smooth, intuitive jukebox software that Mac users have long enjoyed is finally available to those on Windows XP and 2000 via a free download. People who complained about iPod/Musicmatch syncing will likely rejoice, but even music fans without an iPod should consider using the new iTunes to organize, rip, and burn tracks. And Appleis impressive new Rendezvous technology lets Mac and Windows users on the same network listen to each otheris song collections.

The standard iTunes Music Store usage rights--access from up to three computers, unlimited track burning, and file transfer to as many iPods as you like--now belong to Mac and Windows customers alike. And a recent partnership with Audible--winner of a CNET Editorsi Choice award--has added 5,000 AAC audiobooks (encoded in mono at 32Kbps) to the serviceis almost 400,000 current music selections, which are still available for 99 cents per song and $9.99 per album.

You can read the full article at C|Netis Web site.