C|Net Rounds Up Apple Sights At Comdex

Ina Freid of C|Net is at Comdex, the electronics trade show. Comdex is not known for being particularly Mac friendly, but C|Net has published a round up of those Mac sights to be found. From iPods to the nearby Apple Store, to Griffin Technology, this yearis show hasnit been devoid of a Mac presence. From C|Net:

For instance, software training company LearnKey did use the iPod as a lure, offering those who had their event badge swiped a chance to win the popular music player. In addition, although the products werenit introduced at the show, Apple Computer did thoughtfully show its new, larger-screen iMacs and lower-cost Power Macs on Tuesday.

It wasnit quite as exciting as last year, when Apple marketing executive Phil Schiller popped into town for a panel discussion on whether PCs or consumer electronics would dominate the living room.

Of course, if the world of Microsoft Windows is just too much to take anymore, Comdex visitors could always leave the PC-centric festivities and head to Appleis lone Nevada retail store, conveniently located on nearby Las Vegas Blvd.

Perhaps the most interesting Mac happening here was the presence of start-up Griffin Technology at Mondayis ShowStoppers party, which was a gathering place for smaller companies to show off their wares.

Thereis more information in the full article, which we recommend as an interesting read.