CS3 Installer Poses Mac OS X Firewall Security Issue

Adobe issued a security warning on Thursday for Mac OS X users installing Adobe Version Cue CS3 Server. The Adobe installer can disable the Macis built-in firewall during the installation process, potentially leaving the computer open to malicious attacks.

Version Cue CS3 Server is included with Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium, Design Standard, Web Premium and Web Standard.

Adobe stated that the installer disables the built-in firewall in order to set up Version Cue Server. The security advisory company Secunia elaborated on Adobeis statement and added that the installer disables the firewall in order to create specific network ports for controlled access for Version Cueis components.

Adobeis workaround for the security issue is to manually re-enable the Mac OS X firewall. If you arenit sure how to enable your Macis built-in firewall, check out our TMO Quick Tip that explains what to do.