CS Odessa Rings The ConceptDraw Tardy Bell

CS Odessa has announced the opening of a new school for visual based thinking. The specialized workshops and advanced training seminars will focus on the ConceptDraw line of visual diagramming apps from CS Odessa. According to CS Odessa:

CS Odessa, the leading publisher of cross platform productivity software and solutions on the Macintosh and Windows platforms, announced that the first school for creative thinkers has opened its doors in Odessa, Ukraine.

The School offers a series of specialized workshops and advanced training on ConceptDraw Product family, office graphics solutions and visual thinking techniques. It may seem unusual that the first corporate training was delivered to the employees from all the departments of CS Odessa. The School opening has already become one of the most exciting companyis events of held in Odessa this spring.

You can find more information about the advanced training seminars at the CS Odessa Web site.