CW: First Impressions, Second Thoughts on MacBook Air

Computerworldis Michael DeAgonia wasnit impressed by the MacBook Airis specs on paper. However, as he studied it thoroughly and looked at one, he changed his mind in a balanced, thorough first impression of the MacBook Air.

"I wasnit so much angry as a little insulted by Appleis new creation. It must have been the buildup leading to this yearis Macworld Expo, the first since the iPhone changed everything a year ago. I mean, how do you follow the iPhone?" Mr. DeAgonia asked.

At first, the comparisons to the Apple Cube were compelling. The Cube was over priced at didnit have a clear fit in the Apple product line. The urge to compare the MacBook Air to the Cube was hard to resist until the author started analyzing the computer carefully and actually saw one.

"But unlike the Cube, the MacBook Air actually has a logical place and price point in Appleis current lineup -- at least on the low end. Once would-be buyers get past what it doesnit have -- and focus on what itis worth -- the MacBook Air offers a tremendous value for those looking for something lightweight, full powered, but not necessarily full featured. [Italics are Mr. DeAgoniais.]

The emotional impact upon seeing one was evident. "Logic goes out the window when you actually see the MacBook Air. What a profile! Words canit describe it. For a laptop with a 13-in. screen, itis razor thin. Viewed from the front, the MacBook Air actually appears to be floating; from the side, it nearly disappears. Its curves and lines flow in very deliberate and very subtle arcs, the end result being a gorgeously thin laptop with no hard edges. Itis as if the original clamshell iBook paired up with a MacBook Pro and this was their offspring: an ultrathin, ultramodern iBook/MacBook Pro hybrid, powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo," the author raved.

The author summed it all up with a feeling well known to Apple customers. Itis too expensive, and I want one. "At US$1,799, Iill have to pass for now.... Of course, once I actually lay hands on one of these when they hit Apple stores in a couple of weeks, all bets are off," Mr. DeAgonia wrote with not a little ... passion.