CW: Future MacBooks Could Dispense with Mouse Button

A new kind of trackpad for the next generation MacBooks, if speculation is correct, could lead to the elimination of the classic mouse button, replaced by multi-touch gestures, according to Seth Weintraub at Computerworld on Wednesday.

Referring to speculation about a new kind of trackpad for the next generation of MacBooks, Mr. Weintraub wondered about the "death of the mouse button." The author pointed to a YouTube video (below) that shows how Mac OS X Leopard can be controlled by classic iPhone gestures.

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"This actually isnit such a far flung idea if you think about it? Current MacBooks can use gestures to control the machine," Mr. Weintraub noted. "Also, a setting can be activated that allows clicking by just tapping the trackpad. In fact, many PCs have been doing this for years. The loss of a mouse button wonit be as drastic as you might initially think."

No matter what Apple does next with the trackpad, one thing is sure, Mr. Weintraub posited. It will be elegant.