Cafederic Updates BasePlant To Version 2.0

Cafederic has released a new version of BasePlant, bringing it to version 2.0. BasePlant is a collection of classes designed for PowerPlant development. The new version features numerous enhancements including custom toolbars and a Web resource checker. According to Cafederic:

Cafederic is proud to announce the release of BasePlant 2.0, a collection of more than 300 classes to enhance PowerPlant™, the flagship framework from Metrowerks.

Among the new features for this release, you will see:

  • Assistants
  • Full sheet support
  • Custom toolbars (like in Mac OS X Finder) and custom floating toolbars
  • Color Picker support with live updates
  • Preferences dialog with one line of code (at least in most cases)
  • Web resource checker (e.g. for software updates)
  • New helpers for easy drag and drop support
  • Generic shortcut keys editor dialog (something like the one of CodeWarrior)
  • New panes and controls
  • Live dragging of windows (both Mac OS 9 and X) with snapping for tool window (like the ones from Adobe and Macromedia software)
  • Display Manager and Mac OS X Dock aware
  • Layout management of window positions and size relative to each others and the screen resolution
  • Carbon event loop timer

You can find more information about the BasePlant update at the Cafederic Web site. BasePlant 2.0 is available starting at US$35.00.