Calder Originals Adds Carbon Fiber Notebook Cases to Line

Calder Originals, Devon England, which sells handmade cases for music instruments, has added a leather covered, carbon fiber case for notebook computers to their line of products.

"The Powerbook G4 was a source of inspiration to us in our design process," said Nick Comer-Calder. The design goal was to make an elegant piece of luggage that would be low weight, great strength, and would last for a very long time.

Calder Case for Notebook Computers

The case includes a removable suspension unit sized to the customer specifications. If the customer buys a new computer, Calder will hand build a new one. [Price unspecified.]

Each case requires 35 hours of hand labor to create. If requested, customers can receive HD photos of the work in progress.

A forty percent deposit is required on order. To order, contact Nick Comer-Calder at +44 (0) 779 320823 or [email protected]. The Calder Original case for notebooks is priced at ?2120.