Calerga Updates Main Line Of Products

Calerga has released updates for SysQuake, SysQuake LE, and LyME. SysQuake is a scientific computation app designed for use by the scientific community for visualization and interactive graphics. LyME is the wireless hand held equivalent of SysQuake. The updates feature numerous enhancements including LME version 3 basing. According to Calerga:

Calerga announces today the update of its main line of products, SysQuake, SysQuake LE and LyME, to version 2.3.

SysQuake and LyME are scientific software applications based on the same computation core. On Mac OS and Windows computers, SysQuake provides interactive graphics which help understanding mathematics, physics and engineering; it enables the rapid design of high-performance technical systems. On Palm OS handheld devices, LyME gives access to advanced mathematical functions and a powerful computer language everywhere.

From now on, all Calerga products are based on version 3 of the scientific programming language LME, which has a high degree of compatibility with Matlab(TM). Improvements are related mainly to object-oriented programming, error handling and recovery, access to complicated data structures and solving linear programming problems. The overall number of new features and improvements of SysQuake 2.3 exceeds 90.

New extensions are provided with SysQuake:

  • data compression
  • support of PNG and JPEG image files
  • direct access to file contents using the same syntax as array elements (on Mac OS X(TM)

You can find more information about the SysQuake, SysQuake LE, and LyME updates at the Calerga Web site. The updates to 2.3 are free for registered users, while the full version of SysQuake is available for US$1,562.50.