Can I Get A Visual On That Network, Please?

Dartware has updated their network visualization tool, InterMapper, to version 3.0.4. InterMapper allows users and network administrators get a graphical layout of a network, and all connected components. According to Dartware:

nterMapper 3.0.4 is now available. InterMapper is a network monitoring and alerting application that will create a graphical map of a network, then monitor the network equipment (routers, switches, hubs, LAN and WAN circuits, etc) and the servers (web, mail, ftp, QuickTime, etc) continually. If InterMapper detects a problem, it will notify the network manager via audible alerts, e-mail, pager, or by running an AppleScript. InterMapper also has a built-in web server so that network managers can view the health of their network remotely using a standard web browser.

This 3.0.4 release fixes several bugs, notably a problem with the web server halting and a workaround for a problem with the 9.0 verison of OpenTransport SNMP code.

Pricing for InterMapper begins at US$295, and increases depending upon the number of monitored services. You can find more information at the InterMapper Web site.