CandyBar Gets iContainer Support With 1.5 Update

Panic and The Iconfactory have released an update for CandyBar, bringing it to version 1.5. CandyBar is a custom toolbar/system modification app designed for replacing standard icons. The update features iContainer support for group icon packaging. According to Panic and The Iconfactory:

Panic & The Iconfactory are pleased to announced the immediate availability of CandyBar 1.5, the latest version of our Mac OS X system icon customization app.

CandyBar is an easy, safe and fun way to customize the toolbar, dock and system icons of Mac OS X.

CandyBar 1.5 greatest feature is support for iContainers. iContainers are a new way to package and distribute icons, developed jointly by Panic and The Iconfactory.

iContainers are, in essence, a large group of icons packaged into one handy container - a single file. As they apply to CandyBar, iContainers allow users to import and export entire CandyBar icon sets in one fell swoop.

CandyBar 1.5 offers a host of other goodies as well including:

  • An all new World of Aqua system replacement iContainer from IF artist Dave Brasgalla
  • Updated & expanded Smoothicon iContainer from IF artist Corey Marion
  • Full qualification for use with upcoming Mac OS 10.2.4
  • Many other little bug fixes & improvements

You can find more information about the CandyBar update at The Iconfactory Web site. CandyBar 1.5 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$12.95.