Canto Helps Extend Cumulus' Customizability

Canto has announced the availability of the Cumulus Developer Program, a program which allows Cumulus users to customize off-the-shelf Cumulus products for specific needs while also providing developers a simple way of producing product enhancing add-ons. According to Canto:

Canto today announced the release of the Cumulus Developer Program that offers end users the ability to create a competitive advantage by tailoring off-the-shelf Cumulus products to their specific needs, and vendors to develop add-on Options for the Cumulus product line or to integrate their products with a Cumulus solution.

"Cumulus has long had superior interfaces like its full scriptability and customizable web interface", said Jennifer Neumann, Cantois CEO. "Cumulus 5 stands out with its modular architecture. The Cumulus SDK consolidates all 14 existing interfaces. This new program will enable us to professionally support the developers in their efforts to enhance both performance and value of Cumulus." Participants in the Cumulus Developer Program are entitled to developer and technical support. Development training classes will be offered. Canto will promote Cumulus developers on its website and via other marketing activities.

Potential User Benefits

  • Automate tasks of your workflow (using the Scripting SDK) and make them available either as a menu command (using the Menu Command SDK) or as a separate server application
  • Enable Cumulus to work with assets that are not stored in files but in proprietary storage systems (using the AssetStore SDK)
  • Add custom searching, e.g. searching by image contents (using the Search SDK)
  • Perform additional tasks on changes made to a Cumulus catalog (using the Server Transaction SDK) e.g. sending a notification about a job status change

Potential Developer Benefits

  • Develop and sell Cumulus Options that enhance the capabilities of the various Cumulus products.
  • Develop custom solutions or services which in turn can be offered to end users
  • Integrate software or hardware products into complete Cumulus solutions.

The Cumulus SDK comprises the following interfaces for controlling and customizing Cumulus solutions

  • Filter SDK
  • AssetStore SDK
  • Asset Processor SDK
  • Metadata Exchange SDK
  • Scripting SDK
  • Notification SDK
  • Drag&Drop;SDK
  • Menu Command SDK
  • Web Publisher SDK
  • Internet Client SDK (Enterprise Edition Only)
  • Search SDK (Enterprise Edition Only)
  • Server Transaction SDK (Enterprise Edition Only)
  • Deliver SDK (Macintosh Only)
  • Metadata Format SDK
  • Export File Format SDK

You can find more information about the Cumulus Developer Program at the Canto web site.