Canto Makes Cumulus Easier To Get

Canto has announced that they have authorized a number of companies as official resellers of their popular enterprise product, Cumulus. The new partnership, with members trained as Canto Certified System Integrators (CCSI), will allow Cumulus users to receive more personalized attention and better customer support. According to Canto:

Canto today announced that it has certified and authorized the following companies to provide Cumulus Enterprise solutions:

infowerk AG, InterchangeDigital, Torque Systems, Otec Solutions and General Dynamics (as CCSI*), furthermore NewAge, DataBasic, Pro Tech, Public P3 and net-linx (as CCSP*). Also Elara Systems and Heymann Consulting have been certified as CCC*.

Enterprise solutions typically require a thorough needs assessment as the first stage before any implementation takes place. That kind of consulting is usually best provided by independent consultants. Canto therefore offers a five day training and certification program to industry experts and consulting firms. The actual sale and implementation phase is conducted by Canto Certified System Integrators (CCSI), who have been trained and authorized to utilize the various programming interfaces Cumulus offers.

"We have recognized customer demand for advice, installation and training help, as well as integration and customization services even at the workgroup level, due to the fact that Media Asset Management solutions typically need to be integrated with a number of other software and hardware technologies from separate vendors" said Jennifer Neumann, Cantois CEO, "At the Enterprise level, a proper planning phase and needs assessment is crucial to the success of any such large-scale project. Therefore, we and our customers need well-trained and skillful partners that can implement and serve the full solution - which is what the certified partners will be able to provide. Canto will continue to expand the list of partners to cover global needs."

"The CCSI training gave us the opportunity to expand infowerk?s wide experience in customizing Cumulus. The comprehensive practice in Cumulus? programming interfaces enhances our knowledge, giving us a competitive edge that is perceivable in daily operations", said Alexander Roth, infowerk AG.

In the case of Canto Certified Sales Partners (CCSP), which have also been trained and authorized, Canto engineers will provide the actual integration services.

The Cumulus Enterprise "starter kit" is available for US$33,000. You can find more information at the Canto web site.