Canto Releases Cumulus For SGI's IRIX

Canto has released their popular workgroup suite, Cumulus, for SGIis IRIX operating system. Cumulus allows users to work together, collaborate, share files, and remain productive using an online based system. Cumulus is now available for nearly all of the major operating systems. According to Canto:

Canto today announced that the Cumulus Workgroup Edition is now also available for SGI?s IRIX operating system. This release completes the Unix offerings, now including IRIX, Solaris and Linux. Cumulus Workgroup Edition is also available for MacOS, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

John Forster, channel sales, SGI said, "SGI has worked with Canto for a number of years and we are delighted that the companyis workgroup edition has been released for Irix. Our partnership with Canto allows us to better support our core markets driving greater productivity, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility in the creation, management and distribution of digital content."

Canto also announced a new enhancement: the Vault Option for Cumulus that implements version control for assets is also ?immediately available. The popular Web Publisher Option that allows accessing assets managed by Cumulus over the Internet will be made available in a few weeks. ?For further details on the Cumulus product line, consisting of Editions and Options please go to:

Cumulus Workgroup Edition requires IRIX version 6.5 or later. The software is currently available in English, German and French.

The Canto strategy to market world-class products at an inexpensive price has enabled Canto to address customer needs across all different industries and markets. With strongholds in the Publishing, Creative and Corporate Communications markets, Canto also has a good installed base in other markets like Education, Medical and Technical. Quite typically, America is Canto?s largest regional market, but Cumulus enjoys long-standing global success with distribution of the Workgroup Edition through Value Added Resellers and System Integrators in over 30 countries. Canto?s products are also available through Canto?s "eShop" online. The Enterprise Edition is available through Canto Certified System Integrators.

Pricing for Cumulus varies on individual configurations and user numbers. You can find more information at the Canto web site.