Canto Updates Cumulus

Canto has updated their multimedia workflow application, Cumulus, to version 5.0.10. Cumulus allows users to create, edit, and share a number of multimedia file formats allowing multiple users to view and edit one master file. According to Canto:

Cumulus 5.0.10 supports further file formats, reads even more metadata and offers improved performance and stability

For the first time the new version supports the mpeg2 video format, integrates the so far optional mp3 support and offers a multitude of new and optimized filters for better handling of many different file types and new program versions such as Freehand. At the same time, metadata reading, particularly EXIF and IPTC, has been improved and noticed application errors have been corrected. The Cumulus 5 Browser Option, offering users to royalty-free publish their assets cross-platform spanned on CDs and DVDs, has also been updated to version 5.0.10.

The list of the new and extended filters ranges from mpeg2 and mp3 over updated filters, for the bmp format and under Windows for Kodak PhotoCDs for example, to the support of the current Freehand version. With the AXR functionality for automatic location of cross-references offered in the Enterprise Edition now Freehand and InDesign files are supported in addition to Illustrator EPS files. Performance improvements have been implemented on the log-in of a Macintosh OS Client to the Cumulus Server as well as on cataloging AFP volume on Windows platforms and on using the Vault Option.

The workflow solution Vault 5.1 offers considerable performance improvements and extended administrator adjustments

Cumulus Vault is an Option for the Cumulus 5 Workgroup and Enterprise Editions and offers users extended security for their assets. In the workflow this option offers access control with check-in/check-out functionality, version control and enables a centralized access to the database, as this can be administrated at a central storing place. Users now profit from a highly improved performance - not only on check-in/check-out of assets but during the whole cataloging process in general. Administrators will welcome further new product features such as the automatic spread of subfolders in the central Vault folder depending either on the amount of the cataloged assets or on the current date. Amoung other novelties are adjustment possibilities to define how many and which generated versions of an asset are to be stored in the Vault. Furthermore, functionalities for easy administrating and reconfiguring the Vault server being used will be included in the scope of supply from now on.

Specifically tailored to meet the needs of professional users of Corporate Communication over PrePress to the medical field in Workgroup and Enterprise environments, the Vault controls and secures all assets cataloged with Cumulus. With an integrated authorization control the Cumulus Vault guarantees that at the same time only one person is able to change an asset, thus avoiding unintended changes and double work. Vault manages the version history of the files used, including information on date, time and processing duration as well as the name of the check out person. Thanks to Cumulus open architecture the Vault Option can be added to the current configuration at any time.

Pricing for Cumulus starts at US$99.95. You can find more information at the Canto Web site.