Canvas 8 Final Released For Mac OS X

A month and a week after having released a preview release of Canvas 8 for Mac OS X, Deneba has released the final version of the graphics suite for Appleis new OS. Canvas 8 Professional Edition for Mac OS X is an illustration/photo-editing/layout app, and the new version includes a host of new features and other improvements. From Deneba:

Deneba Software, creator of the award-winning Deneba Canvas, announced today the release of Canvas 8 Professional Edition for Mac OS X. Canvas blends proven technologies with new leading-edge features, into a unique cross-platform, precision illustration application that integrates photo editing, page layout, presentation, and Web graphics capabilities into one seamless application.

Canvas 8 for OS X, also compatible with Mac OS 9 and above, contains hundreds of enhancements and new features including vector and raster Sequence recording and support for AppleScript, ColorSync, and QuickTime. The new version also contains customizable Web image slicing as well as direct Flash and PDF export capabilities and much more. Canvas 8 is the culmination of over 15 years of intense development targeting the needs of technical illustrators, designers, engineers, scientists, and business professionals.

Automation is a major theme behind Canvas 8 for OS X. This latest release of Canvas can be automated through AppleScript. Scripts created in AppleScript can automate anything from downloading files off the Internet to preparing tens of thousands of files for use in print or on the Web and make any actions more productive. The new Sequence recorder/player grants novice users and professionals alike the ability to record and automate complex actions quickly and reliably. The unique integrated vector and raster environment contained within Canvas provides users with the ability to produce complex Sequences within a single application that can involve more actions, filters, and effects than in other stand-alone graphics products.

Improved usability was also a key goal of Canvas 8. Expanded context-sensitive menus allow faster access to tools, filters, and effects. Also, often-used inks, textures, gradients, and patterns can now be saved in a new "Favorite Inks" Palette. Once saved these files may be shared with others in a collaborative work group.

Canvas 8 for OS X includes numerous new image-editing features and filters. Complex Inks such as textures, vector symbols, hatches, and gradients can now be directly "painted" using the airbrush, marker, paintbrush, and paint bucket tools. In addition, new effect filters include Bevel, Crystallize, Oil Painting, Stained Glass, and Lens Flare. And thanks to Canvasi groundbreaking Sprite technology, all effects can be readily applied to any object in Canvas 8 - whether it is text, vector, or bitmap - while still remaining editable.

Key features and technologies of interest to Web-centric users include a manual Image Slicer that is also fully integrated into Canvasi enhanced, automated HTML export capabilities. This allows optimized sliced images to be saved as a set of interlocking images with a matching HTML table, or as a part of a fully formatted HTML page exported directly from Canvas.

Direct support for Flash™ (SWF) is now standard in Canvas 8 for OS X. Entire multi-page documents can be saved in this efficient file format. Canvas 8 also contains an updated PDF™ export filter which supports full data stream compression, direct embedding of PostScript® and TrueType™ fonts, hypertext links, transitions, and much more.

You can find more information on Canvas 8 for Mac OS X at Denebais Web site. Owners of version Canvas 7 can upgrade for US$129.95, while owners of previous version can upgrade for US$169.95. Copies of Canvas 7 for Macintosh (excluding educational, promotional, and network licenses) purchased between March 31, 2001 and October 31, 2001 may qualify for free upgrades. Deneba is also offering a competitive upgrade for US$249.95. The full version is priced at US$399.95, and the company offers a 15 day trial version.