CapMug Meeting To Host Informedia Founder

The Capital Macintosh User Group has announced this monthis agenda for the monthly group meeting. Michael Sidoric of Informedia will be demonstrating a collection of software for OS X. According to The Capital Macintaosh User Group:

Michael Sidoric, founder of audio-visual production company, Informedia, will be the presenter at the August 12 monthly meeting of the Capitol Macintosh Usersi Group.

Everyoneis heard the phrase: "Sure Iid buy a Mac, but thereis no software..."

As someone whois counseled many a friend to switch to Macs, longtime CapMac member Michael Sidoric finally got tired of hearing that statement go unchallenged.

Knowing that perceived lack of software, and software cost, often guide many purchase decisions, Michael spends several hours a week locating helpful, sometimes obscure, and sometimes fun, shareware solutions for friends and business associates.

Come see Michael demonstrate his selection of cool shareware and freeware Mac OS X applications and utilities, and find out how much more your Macintosh can do for you with the right software!

You can find more information about the demonstration at the Capital Macintosh User Group Web site. The demonstration and meeting are free.