Captain FTP Updated With Improved Panther Support

Xnet Communications has released an update for Captain FTP, bringing it to version 3.2. Captain FTP is a utility designed for client serving. The update features several enhancements including improved Panther support and commands via the command line. According to Xnet Communications:

Xnet Communications today announces the release of new version of its popular FTP/SSL-FTP/SFTP Client for Mac - Captain FTP 3.2.

The powerful, and refreshing features of Captain FTP like Server to Server file transfer, Resuming, Transfer Manager, Rendezvous, and Accelerated transfers have been used as the base to develop and further improve the product. Because of this, the newest version 3.2, optimized for use with Mac OS X Panther, is more powerful, and user-friendly than ever.

Some of the highlights in this new version of Captain FTP include providing the user with the ability to enter commands via the command line, and a helpful progress bar visible in the dock when Captain FTP windows are minimized. Captain FTP has increased functionality from the addition of new connection methods for proxy/firewall server logins, and by adding extra columns for domain and IP addresses for Rendezvous.

Captain FTP 3.2 has improved performance by implementing a new optimized set of FTP commands. Improved user-friendly features have been added like the automatic connection on startup to a specified favorite from the address book, user defined number of auto-reconnect attempts, and too many others to mention.

To compliment the added power, functionality and user-friendly features, the GUI has been given a little iface-lifti to keep it looking fresh and fun for the user.

You can find more information about the Captain FTP update at the Xnet Communications Web site. The Captain FTP update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$25.00.