Capture and Share Pictures and Movies with Jing

ONTARIO, CA -- For those who want to capture or share images and videos, TechSmith is offering Jing, which they describe as, "a concept that we?re evaluating to see if it can improve everyday conversations." John Wood, Software Engineer, gave us a quick demo at this weekis Podcast and New Media Expo.

After installing Jing, you can activate it by either clicking on a little sun in the corner of your screen, or as a traditional menu. The available choices are amazingly brief. You can choose Capture, History and More. Capture allows you to define an area where you can either capture an image, or an area where you can record a movie of the actions in the area.

With an image capture, you can insert an arrow, additional text, outline with a box, or highlight. With a movie, you can mute. Once you finish the capture, you can either save the image or file locally, or share it with others via the service. After the file is uploaded, you can then give the URL to your friends so they can view it too. A History option allows you to view recent captures.

Jing is available for both Mac and PC, and it, along with the account, are currently free.