Carbon Copy Cloner 3 Improves Synchronization, Network Support

Bombich Software released Carbon Copy Cloner 3 on Tuesday with improved file synchronization support and the ability to backup files over a network. Carbon Copy Cloner is data backup and hard drive cloning application.

The new version also added support for block-level disk-to-disk clones, added the ability to choose what is copied on a file-level basis, and added alerts when a new application version is released. It also added the ability to schedule hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly backup tasks, and to start a backup when a specific storage device is attached to your Mac.

Carbon Copy Cloner 3.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, and is compatible with the soon to be released Mac OS X 10.5. It is available for download at the Bombich Software Web site, and is priced at US$10.