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Casady & Greene has announced Mac Care Unit for Macintosh, a unique utility suite from five Mac developers. Casady & Greene joins forces with Alsoft Inc., Connectix Corporation, Intego, and Radialogic, Inc. to bring seven top-rated Macintosh utilities together on one CD. According to Casady & Greene:

This exceptional collection showcases products recognized by Mac review editors as best-of-class utilities for the diagnosis, cure and prevention of problems experienced by most Mac users.

Conflict Catcher by Casady & Greene

  • Manage files in your system folder
  • Clean-install system merge feature
  • Create conflict tests

Disk Warrior by Alsoft

  • Rebuild your disk directory
  • Recover data
  • Prevent data corruption from happening

Plus Optimizer by Alsoft

  • Defragment your hard drive
  • Organizes your hard drive for maximum speed and efficiency

Copy Agent by Connectix

  • Manage backups safely and automatically
  • Synchronize multiple file-writing across a network
  • Schedule it and forget it

Net Barrier by Intego

  • Personal Firewall allows for total control on incoming and outgoing data
  • Anti-vandal feature protects your machine from outsiders
  • Filter blocks access to personal strings of data on your computer

Virus Barrier by Intego

  • Eliminates all known viruses from your Mac
  • Non-intrusive presence functions without constant pop-up distractions
  • Automatic updates via the Internet

Chaos Master by Radialogic

  • Locate lost file data
  • Check for corrupted data
  • Automatically scours the net for software updates to programs

The Mac Care Unit is available now for US$129.95 (online orders are already available) and you can find more information about it at its own Web site.

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