Castles & Kingdoms Adds Medieval Theme to 3D Graphics App Cosmic Blobs

Dassault Systemes has released Castles & Kingdoms, a US$4.99 expansion pack to its 3D graphics software Cosmic Blobs, which is aimed at children. The set features over 50 medieval-themed 3D character models, decals and textures that enable users to build scenes full of dragons, knights, kings, queens, armor and weapons, catapults and more.

Castles & Kingdoms also includes such new character animations as wing-flapping and back flips, along with such new characters as a dancing jester, a flying dragon and an evil ogre.

Dassault also released a version 1.2 update to Cosmic Blogs, which offers tool tips and an interactive demo. Itis a free upgrade for existing customers. The full software sells for US$44.99 on CD, $39.99 as a download. In addition, a Cosmic Blobs Widget for Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" users is available.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.3 or v10.4, a G4 1.25GHz processor, 256MB RAM and 200MB free hard drive space. Mac OS X v10.4, a G5 1.8GHz processor and 512MB RAM are recommended.