ChangeWave: Apple Leads Competition in Consumer Buying Plans

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A ChangeWave Research Report says that amongst those planning to purchase a PC in the next 90 days, Apple leads all competitors. Of the Alliance members surveyed, 34 percent plan to buy an Apple notebook and 30 percent an Apple desktop, numbers that continue to rise.

The study, conducted August 4-12, asked pver 4,400 Alliance members, those who are known for being trend setters, about their PC purchase plans for the next 90 days. The results for Apple showed a continued rise in those who plan to purchase an Apple notebook or desktop.

Source: ChangeWave Research

"We also asked whether Appleis recent release of its 3G iPhone has made respondents more or less likely to buy an Apple Mac computer in the future, " Paul Carton, Director of Research said. "A total of 17% say theyire now more likely to buy an Apple laptop or desktop in the future because of the 3G iPhone; only 1% said less likely. These very positive findings point to the strong likelihood that the 3G iPhone is having at least some iHaloi effect on Mac sales going forward

For Dell the picture isnit so rosy for these people who Mr. Carton described at the "front end of change."

Source: ChangeWave Research

For Hewlett-Packard, after a steady decline throughout 2007, the numbers improved in 2008, but have taken a steep decline in the past few months.

Source: ChangeWave Research

Key in the findings was that when asked whether they will be spending more or less money in the back-to-school season than last year, only Apple had a net gain.

Source: ChangeWave Research

In summary, the intentions of key, leading indicator buyers, to purchase Macs is at an all time high. The iPhone 3G is continuing its ihaloi effect. Finally, despite the economy, more people than last year said theyill be spending more money on Apple products.

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