Channel Storm And Sorenson Promoting Quicktime 5 Broadcasting App

Channel Storm and Sorenson Media have joined forces in the promotion of the Live Channel product line. Live Channel is a Quicktime 5 broadcasting app designed to be an all inclusive live television studio, without additional hardware. According to Channel Storm and Sorenson Media:

Channel Storm and Sorenson Media today announced a partnership to promote Channel Stormis Live Channel product line for live QuickTime 5 broadcasting on the Macintosh platform. This partnership creates the worldis first one-stop solution for seamless "Producer to Viewer" experience, allowing any QuickTime 5 user to easily and affordably reach a global audience.

Superseding complex and expensive equipment, Live Channel creates a virtual live television studio on any Macintosh computer without any additional hardware, handling all the production and broadcasting steps in a single, easy to use software application. Live Channel is based on the proprietary Live Render(TM) technology which enables video switching, compositing and professional transitions - all performed with real-time anti-aliasing on the multiple live video and audio sources, recorded clips, still images, logos, graphics and text that Live Channel supports.

You can find more information about Live Channel at the Channel Storm Web site. The Live Channel line is available starting at US$199.00.