Check Out Apple's iPod Commercial & Introductory Video

Apple has unveiled its iPod commercial, as well as an introductory video for the new MP3 player. Apple introduced the iPod earlier this week after several days of intense speculation from the media and the Mac community. The iPod is an MP3 player featuring a FireWire interface, 5 GB of hard drive storage, the ability to sync with iTunes 2 (which will be ship at the same time as the iPod), and offers the smallest form factor of all the hard drive-equipped MP3 players.

The new commercial features a goofy looking guy who starts jamming out while syncing his iPod to an iBook. Once finished, he stands up, inserts the iPodis ear buds, and the sound quality improves by an order of magnitude while he continues to dance and cavort.

You can find the commercial at Appleis Web site.

While you are there, you may want to check out the iPod Introduction video. Hosted by Phil Schiller, with appearances by Jonathan Ives (talking extensively about designing the device), Jon Rubenstein, Moby (talking about how cool and easy to use it is), Steve Harwell of Smashmouth, and Seal. There are many product shots as well as many shots of the interface at work, for those curious about that.

(This is a screen shot from the video being played.)

You can find the iPod Introduction at Appleis Web site, and itis a recommended view.