Chessmaster 9000 Patch Fixes Tiger Incompatibilities, More

Feral Interactive on Wednesday released version 1.0.2 of its game Chessmaster 9000, fixing incompatibilities with Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" that had prevented the loading of personalities. This update also offers other performance improvements and bug fixes.

The publisher noted that players should have the 1.0.1 patch installed before applying the 1.0.2 upgrade. A link to it is available on the page for the 11.4MB 1.0.2 download.

Chessmaster 9000 sells for US$40. The game requires Mac OS X v10.2 (v10.3 recommended), a G3 or G4 700MHz processor (1GHz G4 recommended), 256MB RAM (512MB recommended), 16MB Video RAM, 1.3GB free hard drive space and a DVD drive.

Chessmaster 9000