Chicago: Apple Lands Another 300 iBook School Deal

Apple can chalk up another one-on-one school deal, this one in Chicago. Many such deals have been publicized by local papers in recent weeks, including a 1,970 iBook deal in Green County, North Carolina, a 1,130 iBook deal in St. Croix Valley, Minnesota, and a possible deal that would place 130,000 iBooks in the hands of every 6th grader in Michigan. Though there is also the much publicized battle in Florida where hard core PC zealots are working to replace a local school districtis Macs with PCs, in general, Apple has been winning quite a few one-on-one bids.

Another such deal came to light yesterday, when the Daily Southtown reported that School District 128 in Chicago is deploying 300 iBooks in its middle schools. Though one of the smaller 100-plus one-on-one deals Apple has signed in the last few months, it is enough for every 6th, 7th, and 8th grader in the district. From the Daily Southtown:

The schoolwide distribution of laptop computers makes dinosaurs out of three overbooked computer labs at Independence Junior High School. Those machines will be transferred to other schools once Independence staffers are comfortable using the iBooks as a daily tool.

"Essentially, what we have now is children using class time to do research and homework (in the computer labs)," Supt. Ted Struck said. "The laptops will allow them to do research and homework as homework, and teachers will have more time to teach."

This is the second time Apple has outfitted an Illinois school or district with computers for every student, and it is part of a growing trend nationwide.


District 128 will pay $362,000 — a discount — over four years for the computers, digital cameras and other equipment; Apple is providing free teacher training, systems help and curriculum development aids.

The Daily Southtown also reports that in exchange for discounts on the iBooks, the school district will share student test scores with Apple. Thereis more information in the full article at the Daily Southtown.