ChroMac Cases Add iMac Bling

Appleis new glossy display iMacs may come wrapped in aluminum, but buyers donit get any color choices. The older white iMacs, however, have a little more flexibility thanks to Chromacis designer aluminum iMac cases.

ChroMacis iMac Cover

The covers are available in a wide range of colors including chrome, black chrome, gold, blue, green, gun metal, and more. They donit obstruct the display, iSight camera, IR port, or other expansion ports, and the covers slip on white iMacs without requiring any tools.

The iMac covers are built by the same people that make custom-plated parts for luxury cars and Gulfstream jets and are designed to hold up to heavy use. ChroMacis iMac cases are priced at US$499, and are available at the ChroMac Web site.