Chronos LC Now Updates F10 Launch Studio With "Auti-Discovery" Filtering

Chronos LC has released an update for F10 Launch Studio, bringing it to version 1.5. F10 Launch Studio is a launch management suite designed as an alternative to dock launching. The update features several enhancements inlcuding expanded filtering. According to Chronos LC:

Chronos LC today announced the release of F10 Launch Studio version 1.5, a premier launch management utility for Mac OS X computers.


F10 Launch Studio 1.5 adds four significant new features. First, "Auto-Discovery II" addresses the most common user request: to reduce the number of non-essential applications shown in the program. It accomplishes this by offering three new types of filtering: a) intelligent filtering; b) category filtering; and c) user-defined filtering.

Second, version 1.5 adds a status icon in the menu bar for quick access to the programis many features. The F10 Status Icon provides a menu with options to show the launch pad, access preferences, change hot keys, and most importantly launch applications.

Third, version 1.5 enhances its built-in Tools Dock by adding an auto-hide preference. This space-saving feature is a boon to those users who wish to maximize their screen space.

Fourth, version 1.5 adds a duplicate detection feature which automatically alerts the user if files with duplicate names have been found. Users have been surprised to learn just how many duplicate applications they have on their computers.

You can find more information about the F10 Launch Studio update at the Chronos LC Web site. F10 Launch Studio 1.5 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$29.99.