Classic After Dark Screensaver Gets New Module

Infinisys, Ltd. has released an update for the After Dark series of screensavers. The After Dark series of screensavers feature the classic themes made popular in the early nineties including Space Toasters. The update adds new modules including Kaleidoscope and custom audio support. According to Infinisys, Ltd:

Infinisys, Ltd. today released an update to the classic screensaver. "After Dark + Fish" for Macintosh OS X.

The updated version includes a new module called "Kaleidoscope" which displays moving patterns on the screen. The user can choose from seven patterns provided or select their own graphic files or photographs. Using the sound play function, music from a CD or sound files (MP3 etc) can be played to go along with the visual display.

After Dark is the best-selling screensaver that has delighted Macintosh users worldwide since 1989. "After Dark X + Fish" adds the popular "Fish", "Mowing Man" and "Mandelbrot" modules to the existing "Space Toasters", "Starry Night" and other user favorites contained in the previous version "After Dark X".

You can find more information about the After Dark update at the Infinisys, Ltd. Web site. Updates are free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$10.00.