Classic Mac Game, Maelstrom, Ported To Mac OS X

The good people at Ambrosia have announced that someone else has ported the game that started Ambrosia (more or less), Maelstrom, to Mac OS X. Ambrosia isnit supporting this port, but they seem to be fond of it. The person who has ported the game is Sam Lantinga, the same person who ported the game to Linux several years ago. Better yet, the source code is available. From Ambrosia:

Years ago, in a dorm room far, far away, Maelstrom was written by Andrew Welch for Ambrosia Software, Inc., mainly to prove that a Mac IIsi could handle decent 256 color animation. A classic Mac game was born, filling Mac users with fond memories of exploding rocks, sweaty palms, and NC-17 sound effects.

Fast forward a few years. A little OS named Linux burst upon the scene, and in another dorm room far, far away, Sam Lantinga began work porting Maelstrom to Linux, with Ambrosiais blessing.

Sam coded fast and furious, bringing Maelstrom faithfully over to Linux, letting Linux users enjoy lowered GPAs and callouses that made them look like they worked for a living. Sam even added some cool features like network play.

Now weive come full circle. Sam has ported his Linux port of Maelstrom to OS X. Itis fun, itis free, and you can even download the source code and play with it if you are so inclined.

This free version of Maelstrom isnit supported by Ambrosia Software, Inc., but we do highly recommend it. Grab it, enjoy it, play over the LAN with your friends.

If youire interested in the source code to this ported version of Maelstrom, or want to check out Maelstrom for other platforms, give the Maelstrom home page a visit.

You can find more information and download links on Maelstrom at the Maelstrom Web site. The game is free, free, free.