Clipboard Utility Updated With Contextual Menu

Script Software has released an update for CopyPaste-X, bringing it to version 1.5. CopyPaste-X is a clipboard utility designed for copying multiple files to the OS X clipboard. The update features several performance enhancements including an contextual menu plug-in and the ParagraphMaker tool. According to Script Software:

CopyPaste-X 1.5 the Essential Clipboard Editing and Display Utility Released for Mac OS X.

CopyPaste-X 1.5 is essential because it provides beginners and advanced users integration of all their applications by acting as a media hub. This award winning clipboard utility is easy to use and ends up being used constantly saving time in between and within applications on OS X.

New features in version 1.5:

  • CopyPaste now comes with a contextual menu plugin which gives you access to many of its features via the standard contextual menu (control-click in application that support contextual menus)
  • The dock menu now provides the editor tools in any application
  • Open URL in Browser in the tools menu
  • Strip Lower ASCII removes any ASCII 0x00 character and replaces all other characters below 0x20 with a 0x0D
  • ParagraphMaker in the tools menu is a tool to clean text that comes via e-mail or other sources. It partly interprets HTML tags, strips any garbage and comments and reformats the text
  • Paragraph Numbering puts the paragraph number to the beginning of each paragraph
  • Remove Styles allows you to convert a clipboard to plain text
  • Insert Time
  • A sortable date form can be inserted
  • The Help menu in CopyPaste Editor now allows to mail reports and to visit the CopyPaste homepage

You can find more information about the CopyPaste-X update at the Script Software Web site. CopyPaste-X is available for US$20.00.