Cocoa App Makes Creating OS X Icons A Snap

Fabricata has released a Cocoa based application for easily creating OS X icons, Iconata. Iconata allows users various levels of control and complexity over the creation of OS X icons, offering simple drag and drop or a variety of editing tools. According to Fabricata:

With the release of Mac OS X has come the time for a tool to customize your desktop and make it your Mac. Iconata makes creating gorgeous icons a snap.

Easy to use. Just drop your images in the icon wells, and see the result instantly.

Make it your way: There are many ways to create an icon with Iconata: start just from an image and let Iconata frame it for you or let Iconata create a mask for the image, or start from the icon images and masks and assemble them with Iconata.

Element overview: With a single glance you can see all the elements making up your icon (masks and images) and make sure they are what you want them to be.

Frames: Want to create a beautiful icon from an image you have? Iconata can create an icon for you by putting a frame of your choice around your image.

Instant preview: To make sure your icon will look the way you intend to, no need to save, paste and try it in the Finder, just use the Preview Area where your changes are reflected instantly. You can use a variety of backdrops. The icon is displayed exactly the same way it will be in the Finder.

Knockout: Pick a transparent frame for your icon, and Iconata will automatically calculate an 8-bit mask from the icon image. You can then use it as is or refine it with your favorite retouching app.

Iconata is available for US$25. You can find more information at the Fabricata Web site.