Cocoa Development App Updated

InterACTIVE-Technology has launched their Fall 2000 offering of licenses for ActiveDeveloper. Active Developer allows users to create native Cocoa applications for and Web-Objects Servers for Appleis Web-Objects platform. According to InterACTIVE-Technology:

Starting today, we launch our Fall 2000 offering of licenses for ActiveDeveloper - our Multi-Platform Runtime Object IDE for Developing NATIVE Cocoa Desktop Applications and WebObjects Servers for Apples Award winning WebObjects E-commerce Server platform.

Adding the ActiveDeveloper IDE we cut your API learning curve and turn Development incremental. With ActiveDeveloper you get a Runtime Object IDE that allows you to develop NATIVE Cocoa apps and WebObjects servers directly at Runtime - while they run. Thereby enabling you to get a whole lot closer to the Objects you work with ... then you can with the Standard tools.

ActiveDeveloper - Turns complex OO Programming into Interactive Scripting by giving you a Runtime Object IDE for the compiler.

  • Cuts your API learning curve
  • Scales to Any size Applications
  • "Grow" your Objects through Runtime InterAction.
  • While still deploying at Full Native Compiled Speed cross MacOS X & Server, Windows NT/98, OpenStep

ActiceDeveloper is available for US$49 for a single user license. You can find more information at the InterACTIVE-Technology web site.