Cocoa Development Classes Discounted This Summer and Big Nerd Ranch are offering discounted "Programming with Cocoa" courses this summer. The classes are designed for software developers needing extended training in Cocoa development. According to

Big Nerd Ranch and have joined to offer discounted summer Cocoa training to college students.

"Programming with Cocoa" classes are scheduled for May 13-17 and June 3-7, 2002. Aaron Hillegass, author of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X is the Big Nerd Ranch Cocoa instructor. Eight promotional seats are reserved for each summer class.

Any student with a valid student ID may sign up for class at a discounted price of $1500 per person (normal price $3500). Participants in the Summer Student Promotion must supply their own computers for class and will be paired with another student to share a room. Room, board, training, and 24-hour lab access are included in the class fee.

You can find more information about the "Programming with Cocoa" classes at the ASD Web site.