CodeBlender Updates Rally Shift With Expanded Driving Comditions

CodeBlender Software has released an update for Rally Shift, bringing it to version 1.1. Rally Shift is a racing styled game set in the world of high performance off-road rally cars. The update features several enhancements including expanded driving conditions and 3D trees. According to CodeBlender Software:

CodeBlender Software today released the v1.1 update for Rally Shift.

In Rally Shift you get to drive high performance rally cars on a variety of rally courses. Compete against hard to beat computer drivers on both dirt roads and paved roads through forests, windy mountain passes and desert. Two players can also compete against each other on the same computer.

Rally Shift features very realistic physics where you can put your driving skills to the test. Slide through turns on dirt roads, brake and accelerate at the right moment to keep your car on the road or you will see your competitors speed away. Every mistake will cost you valuable seconds in your goal to be the first driver crossing the finish line.

Changes in the version 1.1 update:

  • Evening and night time driving conditions
  • 3D trees
  • Rain and fog weather conditions
  • Includes a new car
  • AI difficulty setting
  • Fixed crasher when ending a race and sound effects were turned off
  • Gas pedal also on mouse button when using the mouse
  • Fixed compatibility with some wheel controllers reporting negative values
  • A number of other tweaks and improvements.

You can find more information about the Rally Shift update at the CodeBlender Software Web site. The Rally Shift update is free for registered users, while the full version is is available for U$25.00.