Code Red Virus Trap From MDG

MDG Computer Services, Inc. has released a version of Web Server 4D to combat the Code Red virus. The WS4D is installed on a spare unit and becomes a fly trap for the virus. The trap features automatic notification of viral hits and nightly viral definition download. According to MDG Computer Services:

MDG Computer Services, Inc., a leading developer of web and eCommerce tools for Macintosh, announced today that it they are releasing a FREE version of their popular Web Server 4D software to help ISPis, Businesses and individuals combat and eliminate the Code Red virus.

Earlier in February 2002, MDG released version 3.6.0 of Web Server 4D and many existing and new customers
have been excited about the virus protection and notification feature.

At MDG while developing version 3.6.0, we created the ability to use these new features by entering in a special registration code. MDG is releasing a FREE version of Web Server 4D for any ISP, business or individual. Install WS4D on a spare Mac or Windows CPU and it becomes a trap - waiting for a CodeRed attack. After the attack, WS4D will notify the owners of the servers, so that they can apply patches and fix their infected server.

Another feature of WS4D, is the ability to synchronize with MDGis web site nightly and download any new virus definitions, this way, your server will also help eliminate future viruses.

You can find more information about the free Web Server 4D release at the MDG Computer Systems, Inc. Web site.