Code Translation Tool Updated

MacZ Software has updated their code translation tool, CodePerfect, to version 2.1. The latest version allows users to see ASCII key codes, HTML special characters, and even Mac OS error message translations. According to MacZ Software:

MacZ Software has released CodePerfect 2.1, the newest version of a powerful tool which converts and lists several code types used in programming, web design etc. CodePerfect shows ASCII codes of pressed keys, converts ASCII codes to corresponding characters, shows values in hex format, shows almost 100 HTML special characters, shows nearly 500 error codes of Mac OS, converts text files from Mac format to Windows format (and vice versa), and supports Drag & Drop.

New features in version 2.1 include an improved user interface, conversion of special HTML tags in text files, a few new special HTML characters and Mac<->Win conversion of pasted text. Also thereis some bugs squashed and glitches fixed.

Special offer for registered users of OptimaHTML:
All registered users of MacZ Software OptimaHTML can now obtain a registration code for CodePerfect for only $5 USD. Just check the "OptimaHTML discount" box in the Register application and enter your OptimaHTML registration code into the Comments text field to use this offer.

CodePerfect is available for US$8. You can find more information at the MacZ Software web site.