Coldstone Chat Being Held Thursday

Ambrosia Software is hosting a chat session on the topic of the Coldstone game engine this Thursday, March 7th. The creator of Coldstone, Dee Brown, will be fielding the Q&A session. Ambrosia President Andrew Welch will also be on hand for the Coldstone discussion. According to Ambrosia Software:

Join us for a live Q&A session about Coldstone, the game creation engine for Mac OS 9/X, at 4pm on Thursday March 7th! The creator of Coldstone, Beenoxis Dee Brown will be there to field your questions, along with Ambrosiais el Presidente, Andrew Welch. To get in on the chat, simply point your IRC client at:

  • ...and join #coldstone

You can find more information about the Coldstone chat at the Ambrosia Software Web site. The Coldstone engine is available for US$49.00.