CompactFlash/IDE Controller For Apple II

As if a Lisa Web server wasnit enough retro fun for the hardcore legacy users among us, this article on Slashdot now reveals a happily functioning prototype CompactFlash/IDE controller for the Apple ][. This project enables the adventurous Apple ][ owner to access a whopping 64MB of storage using either a Sandisk CompactFlash card or an IDE hard disk.

Inspired by an earlier project, Rich Dreher wanted a way to use all his old programs and files from the good old days - and sure, emulators are fine, but thereis nothing quite like the real thing. Using various goodies from electronics stores and around the Web, a copy of ProDOS 8 and the project files and schematics from his website, you too can relive the fun of the early 80is without ever needing to worry about your ancient floppy disks dying on you. Good news, too, for those who donit have the technical knowhow or the inclination - says Rich,

If there was enough interest in this project I would love to make a small batch of boards to sell to those interested. But I would need at least 10 orders, and it may be hard to find 10 people interested in something like this. I can be reached at

If this kind of thing seems all a little too much for you, but youire still keen to play about with one of these cool old machines, you can emulate an Apple ][ on almost any platform and OS. ThisApple ][ page is packed with useful info for those of you who owned an Apple ][, lusted after one, or hogged all the lab time at your school to get near one.