Company To Launch QuickTime Showcase In June

Boy Computer, makers of the Alexander QT Web Studio, has announced that they are preparing to open a new QuickTime/Alexander Showcase on their Web site. Expected to launch sometime in June, the showcase will feature a host of Alexander built, QuickTime based Web sites. According to Boy Computer:

Steve Jobs said, "QuickTime is the most important product to the future of the Mac platform." Every Mac user should be using QuickTime if they design websites. Itis easier than you think, and itis integration with the Mac OS is something very special about the Mac.

We at couldnit be more proud of the news weive been receving from our customer feedback. We make Alexander QT Web Design Studio, which is the Mac-only digital hub approach to unifying your multimedia and publishing it on to the internet.

In mid-June we will be launching a section of the website that features the work of Alexander users. Amid anticipation of this idea last month, website traffic rose to above average levels. This is a golden opportunity for Alexander owners to increase publicity for their work, and also to show the world why QuickTime is so vital to the internet.

For example:

  • A doctor has written to us about a unique application heis come up with using QuickTime and Alexander... he uses the SMIL movies made by Alexander to allow other doctors to perform long-distance monitoring of child heart patients.

  • A construction developer uses the movies she makes with Alexander to keep investors up to date on her construction progress

  • A food vendor for restaurants has been including QuickTime movies made by Alexander in the order forms for their products. i.e. When a restaurant manager orders chicken cutlets, the dynamically generated movie in the page shows ideas for chicken cutlet recipes

  • and many more fascinating examples, all showcased soon at

We invite everyone to get Alexander today, and to send us some information on their creations! Be sure to check out in mid-June to see "The Alexander QT Showcase".

You can find more information about the Alexander QuickTime Web Design Studio at the Boy Computer Web site.