Computers That Guess Your Card

This is one of the finer online card tricks we have seen, and we felt it would be a Cool Waste of Time for you. The premise is simple. You get shown 6 cards on a Web page and are asked to pick one. Once you have picked your card, the computer reveals the card you picked by removing it from the cards displayed! It works every time, and is quite clever.

We found two implementations that we wanted to share. The first looks the best in terms of its graphical presentation, but the second has a better over-all implementation. Check them both out, if you want, because this is all about wasting time after all.

The first is called

The second is simply titled "Card Trick."

If you know how this trick is done, donit spoil it for others without giving fair warning in your Comments post. Any posts with the secret in the title will be deleted. Now, if you know of a Cool Waste Of Time, let us know.