Computerworld: New Mac Pro 'is a Screamer'

Computerworldis Yuval Kossovsky recently took a 2.66GHz Mac Pro through the paces, concluding that when it tackles Universal Binary applications and is compared to a Quad-Core G5 Power Mac, the difference is a "just plain iWow that is fast.i"

"Looking at the outside of the Mac Pro itis obvious that this box was built with the professional user in mind," he noted. He also addressed the price issuing, stating that Appleis claim that the Mac Pro is cheaper than a comparable Dell is "not just hyperbole. The Mac Pro is cheaper than similarly outfitted hardware from Dell inc. And it makes one heck of a machine on which to run both Mac OS X and Windows XP ... Of course, Dell gives all sorts of discounts depending on the day, time, and position of the moons around Saturn -- so your mileage may vary. But the standard pricing is what most people will be offered."

Mr. Kossovsky finished up by speculating: "Iive spent some time thinking about the iProi in Mac Pro. Maybe it stands for professional, maybe it stands for production. Or maybe it is an acronym for Please, Really, Oh My!, as in: iWould you like to try this computer?i"