Computerworld: Safari the Best Mac Browser

In a recent Web browser comparison, Computerworld ranked Safari as the best Web browser for Mac OS X. According to the comparison, Safari "comes out of the box with just about every feature youill need to cruise along on the Web safely and securely."

Features like tabbed browsing, easy to manage bookmarks, pop-up ad blocking, and fast page rendering all helped to solidify Safariis position in the browser smack-down. The other browsers in the comparison included the cross platform Firefox 2 and Opera 9 browsers, and the Windows-only Internet Explorer 7.

Ease of use is another plus. "The whole raison dietre for Safari is to browse, in the easiest, least complicated way possible. And while it may seem obvious that ease of use and good user interface is a given for a Web browser, itis not. Just take a look at the latest version of Internet Explorer. Youire likely to get lost just trying to configure the darn thing before you even get started browsing."

You can read more about Safari in the Computerworld article, and vote for your favorite Web browser. So far, readers are ranking Safari in second place behind Firefox.