ConceptDraw MINDMAP Gets German Support

Computer Systems Odessa Corp., has released a German version of ConceptDraw MINDMAP Standard and Professional. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a diagramming app designed for visual based flowchart creation. According to Computer Systems Odessa:

Computer Systems Odessa Corp., announced today the release of German version of ConceptDraw MINDMAP Standard and Professional. This application allows to stimulate the process of creative thinking and provides with the solution for presenting ideas and information in graphical understandable form. It utilizes the popular "mind mapping" technique, used for rendering visual information.


The latest version 1.1 of ConceptDraw MINDMAP Standard and Professional is translated into German language. This is the only mind mapping software available for both Macintosh (Mac OS, Mac OS X) platforms. It is based on the powerful ConceptDraw vector drawing engine, which is one of its advantages, if compared to other mind mapping tools. ConceptDraw MINDMAP provides users with advanced flexibility and power in the process of creating mind maps.

You can find more information about the ConceptDraw MINDMAP German release at the Computer Systems Odessa Corp. Web site. The German version of ConceptDraw MINDMAP free for current users, while the full versions are available for US$99.00 and US$149.00, respectively.