ConceptDraw V To Be Released With Visio Importing And More

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. has announced the ongoing development and upcoming release of ConceptDraw version V. ConceptDraw is a cross-platform diagramming app designed for use by IT and technical professionals. The latest release will feature several new enhancements including a customizable interface and Visio file importing. According to Computer Systems Odessa:

CS Odessa announces that the major upgrade of its award-winning flowcharting and diagramming software - ConceptDraw V.

The completely redesigned version features new powerful capabilities aimed at facilitating charting tasks of business and technical users. ConceptDraw V also adds build-in scripting language - ConceptDraw Basic that will empower developers to create custom visualization solutions based on ConceptDraw drawing engine.

Professional users will find a number of convenient features such as new customizable interface, ability to create larger, more complex documents, advanced libraries of shapes and the XML for Visio support, which lets import MS Visio diagrams.

Customizable toolbars and floating dialogs make ConceptDraw Vis interface more user-friendly and provide for new intuitive way to work with the programis rich tools set. ConceptDraw V strongly adheres to a WYSIWYG principle and supports anti-aliasing, reaching a new level in representation quality.

Thanks to the completely rebuilt kernel, the program consumes less resources and enables users to work with large, complex documents in a fast way. Additionally, the new way of sharing common data will allow using numerous images to produce impressive graphics documents.

ConceptDraw V extensive collection of pre-drawn shapes has been updated and enriched adding task-specific libraries on more business, technical and scientific topics. The users will find a number of template-based Wizards, which are to help through the basic stages of creating different documents. Also, from this version ConceptDraw features the ability to connect to databases and visualize their data in clear visual charts.

You can find more information about the ConceptDraw version V development at the Computer Systems Odessa Corp. Web site. ConceptDraw version V is slated for release in October.