Condition Aqua: Homeland Alert Released From ExitToShell

ExitToShell has released a new app for Mac users, Homeland Alert 1.2.1. Homeland Alert is an alert utility designed for updating the current national risk condition. The app features current status/color display for up-to-date status changes. According to ExitToShell:

New from ExitToShell() Software:

Homeland Alert v1.2.1 (Mac OS X only)

Homeland Alert displays in the menu bar the current Homeland Security Advisory status level/color for the entire country. If you are connected to the Internet Homeland Alert checks periodically for a change in this alert status. If there is ever a change Homeland Alert updates itself immediately to reflect the current conditions.

You can find more information about Homeland Alert at the ExitToShell Web site. Homeland Alert is available for US$5.00.