Connectix Allows Mac's and PC's To Live In Harmony

Sometimes it is not easy to be a Mac user in a Windows world. Connectix, however, is doing their best to help you through with the release of Double Talk. The new program allows Mac to connect to a Windows network from their Mac and share Windows printers, file servers, and other resources. According to Connectix:

Connectix Corporation, makers of the best-selling and award-winning Virtual PC? family of products, today announced Connectix DoubleTalk, a software application for the Macintosh that allows users to access Windows networks from their Mac. This new product is designed for the Mac user who has little or no Windows knowledge, but needs to share resources, such as file servers or printers, on a Windows based network.

DoubleTalk Features:

  • Access Windows-Based Network Resources - Access Windows fileservers, transfer files to and from shared Windows workstations over the network and print to shared PC-based PostScript printers.
  • Quick Mac-like Setup - DoubleTalk is designed for Mac users and assumes no PC networking knowledge. The DoubleTalk Setup Assistant makes configuration quick and easy in the familiar Mac environment. It automatically configures its network settings, then DoubleTalk allows easy access to network resources through the tools Mac users already know, such as the Chooser.
  • Create Peer-to-Peer Networks with PCs - DoubleTalk makes it easy for Mac users and Windows users to create peer-to-peer workgroups to transfer files and share printers, making DoubleTalk an ideal SOHO solution.
  • Enhanced Printing - DoubleTalk provides an enhanced print queue with more detailed printer and print information. Additionally, DoubleTalk increases performance of Mac laser printers - by using the DoubleTalk print mechanism, printing will be up to 50% faster than when using the Mac OS alone.

DoubleTalk is available for US$99. You can find more information at the Connectix web site.